learn quran with tajweed


Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning “proficiency”, “doing something well” or “proper pronunciation” of recitation with Quranic rules and regulation. It is a set of rules which direct how the Quran should be read.
Our Teachers are very qualified and well versed to teach Quran with Tajweed.



Learn Quran at home is an outstanding program for children, adults and new Muslims to learn Quran.

Try FREE trial classes to assess our Holy Quran service and Quran tutor. After classes you can decide to continue or discontinue Learn Quran with us.

Quran learning features


  • One-to-one interaction with tutor.
  • Highly qualified, educated & well versed Quran tutors will be provided.
  • Scheduling of classes as per your ease.
  • FREE 3 days trail classes
  • FREE admission and registration.
  • FREE Quran learning material.
“And undoubtedly, we made the Quran easy for remembering. Is there then any one to remember?”(Al-Quran)

Every one can learn!

Online Quran Teaching Academy is great live tutor program that make sure kids and adults all over the world can learn Quran from home/Office. We have highly qualified Tutors, Trained Alamas and well versed teachers. We have both male and female tutors and so females and kids can learn Quran safely from the comfort of their homes.

Online Quran Teaching Academy has been establish to promote the education of Quran Kareem all over the world.
We made every thing very easy for you to learn Quran Kareem.

Follow basic requirments to start your classs:

  • Desktop Computer or a Laptop.
  • Headphone/SPEAKERS and MIC.
  • We use advance internet telephonic technology for audio & video teaching material which can easily be downloaded after registration.

Why Choose Us

      • BECAUSE we are most Excellent!
      • We have well versed Quran tutors.
      • We focus on quality of service.
      • We have best command on Arabic, English and Urdu languages.
      • We offer free support 247 because we care about your child as much as you.